How to Install Android APK applications in Nokias X, X + and XL

Nokia announced its new Nokia phones with Android DUAL SIM: so, not only it is the Nokia X, as previously speculated Normandy ; has also been submitted to Nokia and Nokia X + XL, phones sharing most technical characteristics and lack of Google Play . The most notable among all talking about specifications difference is that the Nokia X and X + have a 4-inch screen while the Nokia XL a display of 5 inches.

But beyond the hardware, there is a doubt about the kind of Android system that has this range of Nokia. The Finnish explained that the Android version of this family of smartphones is based on Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project) system, with a fairly deep customization of Nokia both at IU (has a very identical appearance to Windows Phone 8 ) and functionality. This means that they are not the same as Android devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or HTC.
Install Android APK applications in Nokias X, X + and XL
To be more explicit in this regard, it has been confirmed that although these "Nokias X" come with Android, are focused on services Nokia and Microsoft instead of Google services, ie in them are pre-installed at the factory applications Skype (which incidentally comes with a free month of premium service for those who purchase these devices), Outlook, Bing, Here (Maps application Nokia) Nokia Store (Nokia's application store) among others. Factory do not come with Google Play Store or any Google application like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Despite this, the official announcement of these three smartphones has indicated that it will also be possible to install third party applications on these phones, from internal memory or SD card device -installation APK, evidentemente- files. Nokia claims to have secured the support of Android apps with Nokia X: up to 75% of applications available for Android can run well in this family of smartphones. As an example, the blog Android Central has installed its Android app in the Nokia X to try to find out how true this is, and has seen proper operation thereof.

How to Install any Android APK, X + and XL application in the Nokia X

As with other Android devices, it is necessary to enable installation from unknown sources in the System Settings. That done, just a matter of running the APK file previously saved on the phone memory card to install. If you want to install applications on the Nokia Play Google X and his brothers, we must choose to find the APK to install the application in this way.

According to Nokia, not all Android apps are compatible with the X range so it is not guaranteed the performance of all the applications available on the Google Play Store on these devices.

Installing the Nokia Play Google X, X + and XL

As Google Play Store is an application in a more "normal Android device," you may also can be installed using the above method, like any other application on Google. Everything is a matter of searching the APK Play Store (APK version 4.4.5 is the latest now) and install it in the same way. This is not confirmed and you need to try it for yourself. Nokia said that these phones can access third-party app stores like Yandex. It is possible that Google Play can also be included here.

For developers, it appears that may be able to send their applications to Android Nokia Store, without modification in the APK package.

The Nokia X, X + and XL are Android devices after all: all that is possible in a normal Android, or at least most, could be implemented in these devices. Although Google Play Store have factory installed, you can install applications that store if they get the APK using the procedure. No 100% compatibility, but it can run 75% of applications available is more than acceptable for a brand that is making use of a product strongly associated with the competition.

What are Android One phones? Nexus Cheap low end ($ 100), basically

Android One is the new project that Google has announced at its annual conference Google I / O 2014, evolving these days, which seeks to offer the pure Android experience in economic or cheap mobile devices

Android is an open source operating system (which may be usable and modifiable by any entity), that manufacturers like Samsung, HTC or LG previously modified before installing it on their devices. The pure version of Android, which is not modified, is currently only available in Google Nexus and Play Edition devices; high-end devices that are not accessible to all. What Google Android One is intended to offer the pure Android experience, more affordable devices, economically speaking.
Basically, mobile devices with Android One is an Android version intact, pure or "stock", which comes directly from Google, which is the company behind the Android development. It speaks of pure and intact because it is a version of Android that has no customization to aesthetic or functional level, as if any version of Android terminals found in Samsung (customization company called "TouchWiz") or HTC ( "Sense")

Always with the latest version of Android available

But mobile Android one (smartphones and tablets, we assume) not only come with the original Android version coming directly from Google: also receive automatic updates system, also directly from Google. This means that Android mobile One will also receive the latest versions of Android when available, perhaps with the same speed with which updates the Nexus devices are present.

When Android smartphones One? Available

Android Mobile One Fall to arrive in India (presumably reach other markets after budget, such as Latin America). The first mobile Android One shown on the first day of Google I / O was an Indian manufacturer Micromax model, which has a 4.5 inch screen, dual SIM support for a micro SD card slot and FM radio. Google said its cost is less than $ 100 . According to the announcement, other companies like Karbonn Mobile India Spice Mobile and also start making Android phones One
In summary, the Android One phones can be defined in three things: cheap (could be worth less than $ 200 for end consumers) with the pure version of Android and upgradeable to the latest Android version available. Cellular One or Android smartphones are, basically, teams cheap Nexus or economic , will surely have a tremendous market success of low economic budget.

How to Manually Update Your Android Smartphone or Tablet [UPGRADE]

The threat to Android smartphones and tablets posed by malware is on the rise, either through malicious applications, misleading SMS texts or other stratagems, and the use of a common-sense approach to their online activities will help reduce exposure to some of these course, installing trusted security software will also help you stay protected, but it is important to make sure you do the simple things  example, take appropriate measures to keep your smartphone or tablet daily updates with the latest Android firmware.

If you've never done before, here is a quick guide.

 Manually Update Your Android Smartphone or Tablet
As with any software update is required, ensure that you have backed up your important files on your device móvil.No is no reason why the Android software update should affect their personal data, but backup may will give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.
When ready to make the update, visit the Settings menu of your Android device, then scroll down to either "About phone" or "About Tablet. 'From here you can set the version of your Android device currently installed.

Is now ready to begin the process of following menu may vary depending on the brand of your smartphone or tablet, or the operating system (OS) that is currently installed, but search for "Software Update" or a button with a name similar.

Once you're far from that, the device scans for an update, if you are connected to the Internet, either through a cellular network or Wi-Fi.Es good practice to use a Wi-Fi connection for these downloads because it can often be size.The download large files on a home network will be faster and will ensure that it will not use any of your precious mobile data allowance.

If a new version of its operating system is available, you will be prompted to installation  it does, select "Yes" and then download install on your Android device.The smartphone or tablet must be restarted before the changes to take effect.

You are the headset is already running the latest version of the Operating system.Vale worth checking for updates from time to  sure that your device is running the most secure version of software is available, you may also find that updated versions of Android introduce new features.

How to root the Nokia X with APK Framaroot

We recall that application to root that came out a couple months ago. His name was Framaroot and more for Android app, then install it on the device, it was just a matter of executing for rooting this phone, in just a few taps and without connecting to PC.

Well, the same application has served to root the Nokia X, the new Android phone manufactured by the Finnish company. It is remarkable that you were able to root as recent Android as the Nokia X using an application like Framaroot since, for new phones coming to the market, it is difficult to find methods rooteo so, that are new and applications do not provide support for them.

Anyway, fortunately for those interested in purchasing a Nokia X, it has served. Not specified whether the same method can be done root on Nokia and Nokia X + XL too, though, is potentially possible. Perhaps all of these phones are based on the same version of Android (4.1.2) that had been released unofficially.
root the Nokia X with APK
Nokia X root made with Google Play up and running - Image from XDA Developers
In addition to this, the root already has been installed on the Nokia X the Google Apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.., Since, as indicated by the blog Android Central, after the process of obtaining root authority in the device, it is "intact", leaving open the possibility of installing any application, including Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and any other.

It is not entirely clear whether it is really necessary to have root on the Nokia X family to install the Google Apps because, before that, and the company had confirmed that they would be able to install third party applications on mobile ( install APK ) and so was confirmed by other blogs with mobile in hand. In any case, will not make you root for others, thus is guaranteed if the installation of any application, of course, including those that require these permissions to function properly.

The Framaroot APK is free to download on XDA-Developers . Download the latest version of the application (now 1.9.1) and install it on your Nokia. ( Via )

Simple Tricks to save[IMPROVE] Battery on Android Smartphone

Save battery on a smartphone is a delicate art that has been refined in recent years, these are some tips that could help you.

Although it seems that few modern advances that make smartphones in terms of battery life, the truth is rather that despite the enormous consumption with current processors and screens, a little surprised the batteries last even more than lasted two, three or even four years ago, with the first Android mobile terminals.
However, there are few who can say that giving a regular use your smartphone easily achievable full-day, and as we know, with the passage of time the battery will spoiling and increasingly take less.
That's why it never hurts to take a look at some simple tips to save battery on Android.
  • Use widgets: Whether on the desktop or in the notification bar, my main advice is to have shortcuts to power cycle smartphone functions that change more frequently.
  • Disable Location: While useful in some applications enable this only when you really need it. Satellite Connectivity to consume enough battery, and even connect to local networks consume less, is also a focus of energy reduction.
  • Disables the backlight indoors: Outdoors you can leave it on in order to continue using your smartphone, but indoors is usually only leave the minimum as a constant, and that's only your battery life will improve a lot.
  • Uninstall applications that do not need: Many, and perhaps most applications are running in the background, in many cases even when not needed. So it is best to just keep the applications that really need.
  • Spend widgets, animated wallpapers and antivirus: As we said here . Limits the use widgets which are just really important, and opts for a minimalist design animated wallpapers without consuming too many resources. Above all, turn the antivirus.
  • Use themes and backgrounds black screen: By keeping our black screen most of the time save a lot of energy.
  • Disable unnecessary sounds and vibration: As those occurring at the press of a button. We stress vibration, being what most consumes power in our phones.
  • When not needed, low connectivity: If you have the option to connect to LTE networks, active only when you need that connectivity sail fast. Same with 3G networks. If you need to be connected at all times, so you text messages arrive, then just use the 2G/EDGE network, if you can stay offline, then better off network connectivity.
  • Disables synchronization: If you are away from home or a charger, then you'd better turn off synchronization, since this makes the most of the smartphone, as all applications are aware of everything put together.
  • Use WiFi networks: These networks have to consume much less power, so you save money in addition to extend the life of your battery.
  • Keep your applications updated: Usually developers also try to make their applications consume less.
  • Disable everything you are not using: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and everything else. If you are not sure to keep it off using.
best way to save my android battery life
And that's it. If in the end, nothing works you will have to invest some money in chargers and cables to charge your smartphone wherever you go. If you have trouble connecting, you can always buy an external battery or a replacement if your battery is removable.
download whatsapp for pc 

Andy, Have the Best Emulator for Android on Windows and MAC

Suddenly you ever heard about or YouWave Bluestacks. Two programs that serve to have Android in Windows. Yes, these are two emulators that mimic mobile operating system in a PC.

Both are very popular but you may fall behind and face a new software that has appeared recently, which does exactly the same but apparently is much, much more complete.

His name is Andy and you can learn more about it and download it on the website . You will see that there a comparison between Andy, YouWave Bluestacks and where the first significantly exceeds the remaining two offering lots of interesting and useful features it's done.
best android emulator for windows to install whatsapp
It really is very attractive in that it works on Windows XP, 7 and 8, as well as Mac OSX. It has full support for Google Play Store (downloading and installing applications), Android in full screen, application synchronization, cell phone use as control, integration with camera, microphone, and more.
best android emulator difference Bluestack ,andy,youwave
Andy vs. Bluestacks vs. YouWave
Highlights of Andy is that, despite much higher competition apparently is complimentary
Well, I said I was going to update the article and I'm here. All the information below on how to install OS on PC Andy, how to configure and use.

How to install on Windows 7 Andy

Fortunately it is very easy to install and just steps will have Android on your computer. All you have to do is download Andy. Run the installer and you're following the steps of typical installation of any Windows program. Now, keep in mind that you indicated below during the installation process (for basic users):
free android emulator to install windows 7
  • Andy The program is nothing but a virtual machine running Android (a custom Android ROM to be exact). You do not need to configure this virtual machine. You simply follow the steps for installing the software that tells you and Andy will do everything for you. At the end you should only run the program, like any other Windows, to open Android on your PC.
  • If you already have installed Virtual Box on your PC (the version that is), uninstall this program before you start.
  • Once inside the installation process, in the Select Components screen select Full Installation and make sure all boxes are enabled (Andy Player, Android image and Virtual Box 4.3.10). Compact Installation and Custom installation options are for advanced users only.
  • During the process there are several screens that ask if you want to install Oracle software device. You must click on "Install" in all of them. All this software is required for Windows to work properly Andy.
  • Windows Firewall may block Andy. If when you open the program the first time you are presented with a screen of Windows Firewall, you must allow access by Andy using the respective button for it. If you do this, open the program to only see a black screen and then you close only.
how to install android emulator on windows 8
Updated : If you have safety concerns in this area, try to terminate access to Andy to go through the Firewall. But it works well, reinstalled, and enables access and after work, open the Windows Firewall blocks access. In doing so I continued my running smoothly.

Check that the installation program finishes correctly. It happened to me that the PC will restart for no apparent reason just before the end. When you open the program after this, I had only a black screen and there was no more. I had to install again and this time the installation completed successfully and Andy started smoothly.

How to configure and use Android on Andy

After completing all that, you can begin configuring Android Andy. Have the typical Android assistant, which is what we have when we are setting up a new device configuration. This is easy; just follow the respective configuration steps.

In part to indicate a Google account you may have problems on how to put the @ in the email. It worked for me using Shift + 2 (which is the key where I have the @ sign). It did not help me or the combination Alt Gr + 2, not Alt + ASCII code 64, or the combination Ctrl + Alt + Q.

Almost at the end you'll get a screen indicating 1ClickSync application you enter your Google credentials to synchronize the applications you install on your devices in Andy (using the same Google account). I want to have what is quite apart from Andy and what I have on my devices so not entered any account and clicked on the launch of the tablet to exit this screen button.

That's all pretty. From now on you can start using your new Android tablet on the PC. As indicated at the beginning, Andy not only serves to emulate Android on the computer but also for use in games, and many other things.

android best emulator to whatsapp
As you can see, the interface is Andy the Android in a tablet: the applications you install will detect this interface and operate on this basis. Yes, Andy is coming to the Play Store installed so you can start downloading any application or game available in the store and start using it within the screen of your PC. Candy Crush for example, works perfectly. This means that you can already use WhatsApp on your PC and any other application available for Android.

[Android Secret Codes]How to access the hidden menus on Android with these codes

As we know, Android is very customizable and intuitive operating system. With it, we can access infinite adjustments, changing the interface, modify the permissions on the applications, ... But, are there any codes to access the hidden menus?
 hidden menus on Android with these codes
Some users may remember that a while, in the Java and Symbian phones, you could write code on the scoreboard or makes dialer phone to access hidden menus where you could access technical information phone and even perform actions such as deleting factory. But, and Android, is it still maintains the ability to open hidden menus with such codes? If you thought, yes.

Do these codes work the same way as in previous phones? They work just like in previous generations of mobile devices. All that we do is, to write the score or dialer phone code we want to open its corresponding hidden menu.

Here we show you the codes , classified by functions with which you can open the hidden menu system that we've talked about above:
  • Displays the battery information (history, usage statistics ...): * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • The terminal makes a reset factory, which clears: * # * # 7780 # * # *
  • User accounts
  • System settings and applications.
  • Applications downloaded in the phone memory.
Turn off your phone directly: * # * # 7594 # * # *

Activate the Service Mode to the following tests: * # * # 197328640 # * # *

Testing wireless / Wi-Fi: * # * # 232339 # * # *

GPS signal test: * # * # 1472365 # * # *

Bluetooth Test: * # * # 232331 # * # *

The GTalk service monitor opens: * # * # 8255 # * # *

Test Screen: * # * # 0 * # * # *

Test volume: * # * # 0673 # * # *

Test vibration and LED flash: * # * # 0842 # * # *

Test Touch Screen: * # * # 2664 # * # *

Proximity sensor test: * # * # 0588 # * # *

A complete phone reset is done: * 2767 * 3855 #

Delete all files in the internal memory.
Reinstall the operating system or firmaware

Operating system information

MAC address: * # * # 232338 # * # *

Telephone Overview: * # * # 1234 # * # *

Version of the software : * # * # 1111 # * # *

Version of hardware : * # * # 2222 # * # *

About RAM: * # * # 3264 # * # *

There is no doubt that Android is an operating system with many features and in this article we see that sometimes are hidden well. What did you think of this list of USSD codes? Do you find useful?